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I’ve recently slowed down in my life.  Days that were spent racing around are now at a more leisurely pace.

Rather than using my Kenwood dough hook to make bread, I now knead by hand.

No more microwaved porridge in the mornings.  Now it’s stirred gently on the hob (well, vigorously when the bubbles form).

Rather than buying a racing bike, I’m gonna hang a laundry rail where a bike rack would have sat.

No more early morning Bible study before heading to work.  Now it’s a lie in and a flick through some passages in a more gentle fashion.

Gone are the days when I have to factor in an afternoon nap on a Sunday and schedule in an hour to unwind before bed every night.  I’m now more chilled during the day and week to render these things occasional occurences rather than regular must-haves.

I’ve taken up needlework and am making my house a home.

Check out details of my exploits here as I ‘stop look and listen’ and enjoy life in the slow lane.

After all, it’s the tortoise that wins the race, not the hare.Image