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I’m not quite sure why, but I just love bags.

I remember when I was a little kid, some family friends came round to visit.  One of the little girls was older than me.  I remember that she was eight and she had her own little handbag with things in it (inc lipsyl, that kind of thing).  I remember thinking she was so old and grown up and I couldn’t wait to have my own proper little handbag.

I must have had one before: in fact I was given one from my playschool, in which I could hide my ‘cuddle cloth’.  But that psychadelic one with a shoulder strap had nothing on Melissa’s bag.

Since then I’ve enjoyed getting handbags.  I think it was when I was a student that I realised my ‘handbag fetish’, and consciously decided not to buy any more: no more holiday souvenirs or impulse buys.  When I buy a bag now, it’s because I can justify I need a new one and can get good value for money from it.

But I love freebies and treasure little canvas bags I’ve got free from shops, exhibitions or work programmes.  I still tote my ‘Daily Yomiuri’ freebie, ‘JET programme’ canvas (although it has shrunk a bit) and many more besides.  & I love receiving bags as presents.

It was with pleasure that many moons ago, Georgia taught me how to make this little number:

my A4 sized purple bag

And now I am about to embark on making some little drawstring bags for friends. – Feeling excited.

Adios for now!