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It feels like an autumnal chill in the air has already begun.  Probably since last week.  This doesn’t feel quite right but is no longer as much a surprise as it was a few years ago.

6 years ago today I arrived back in the UK, after spending 2 years living and working in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.  I thought that, arriving mid August in England, I’d be arriving in the heat of the summer.  Growing up, I always used to think that the year divided up as follows:

March, April, May – Spring

June, July, August – Summer

Sept, Oct, Nov – Autumn

Dec, Jan, Feb – Winter

That the long 6 week school summer holidays included the whole month of August cemented the thought that ‘August = summer’ in my mind.  So it was a probably one of the first shocks I experienced when I came back.  I was cold. I wasn’t able to wear my summer clothes.  I’d wear thick leggings under a skirt and with slip-on shoes, could still feel cold.  It wasn’t what I was expecting.  It took me unawares.

So the 16th August will be engrained on my mind.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if the leaves started turning on the trees soon!