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Otherwise known as ‘bindweed’. This flower caught my attention on a walk I did at the weekend. A little tubular flower (/weed) that I saw mostly in white but also pink and green too.


I wondered what it was and asked: when I went blackberrying with my Mum along the hedgerows by her house, she told me the name & I later looked it up.

Recently I’ve been finding God has been speaking to me through nature. What could he be saying here?

The word ‘bind’ struck me as significant. Matt 18:18 came to mind. I never really understood this verse. But once a talk at Trinity Cheltenham explained it with reference to the Spiderman films. Somehow the binding and loosing seemed to make more sense.

Then, I did a quick google for a bit more understanding. One search led to a list of other references. Inc this verse in Prov 3:3:

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet on your heart.

The surrounding verses in the rest of the chapter are also quite striking.

But when I first read that verse a few months ago, I had it in mind as I started wearing a cross necklace everyday. Each day that I put it on, I am putting on the ultimate expression of love and kindness around my neck. It serves as a reminder that in His love for us, God sent His son to this earth, who died a cruel death at the hands of men. But enabled us to be in relationship with Him. A relationship which can start now and run into eternity.

& As a confirmation that there’s something in the convolvulus , as I leant to turn my bedside light off, I noticed something – my coaster has a picture of convolvulus on it – with a picture on the flower and its name written for good measure!

Convolvulus coaster