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In the morning I thought of what I could make a friend for a round number birthday present. A twist of events meant I’d see her that evening. So, after work I dashed home, vacuumed the floor, decided what yo have for dinner. & Looked up a few ‘recipes’ as I tend to call them but know I probably shouldn’t & used this one to make a tote bag. http://www.molliemakes.com/projects/tutorial-tuesday-20-minute-tote-bag/

Here’s a quick pic of the finished article.

Tote bag

I like how it looks from the outside but the inside though following the recipe, looks a bit scrappy. Next time, I’d like to hide the end of the bag straps inside and try to do some French seaming inside. But not bad after a day’s work & I did get there a bit late, but still in plenty of time to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!

Birthday girl