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Well I had fun at dinner tonight.*  Had one of those moments coming home from work when I couldn’t be bothered to cook.  At one point I contemplated going to the local Thai place for a takeaway pad thai.  But then I remembered it’s on the other side of town and I couldn’t be bothered to bike over there.  Or fork out a fiver (£5) for it.

And so I ended up making my own, adapting this recipe and using ingredients I had in my store cupboard and fridge.  Actually I had very little of what the recipe called for:

Instead of rice noodles, I used udon.  Lack of beansprouts meant I peeled a carrot into thin strips and used that instead as a vibrant alternative.  No coriander meant I used the mint from my windowsill.  Instead of peanuts I used toasted seeds.  & I didn’t have any prawns.  Also I used regular onion fried for a bit longer, where spring onions were called for.  I did happen to have oil, a frying pan, lime, fish sauce (albeit slightly out of date!) and cayenne pepper, however.  This is what it looked like:

my pad thai

 Twas very yummy, I must say.

*Well wasn’t actually ‘tonight’ when I came to post this.

Was a good few days ago, and post was sitting as a draft for a while!  Thankfully I don’t work Saturdays 🙂