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I sometimes have a funny memory for remembering dates. 9th of the 9th was my Great Aunt Myra’s birthday. It was also a day that brought tears to my family 23 years ago today when my aunt died.

I was only a child and didn’t know her well. I’ve heard stories about her and remember when she came round to our house. The little presents she gave me from the Far East sowed seeds in me to want to go to East Asia. Looking through family photo albums now brings a sense of sadness that the youngest of three, the little one in all the pictures, is no longer with us.

Losing a loved one is never easy. But you never know what they will leave behind or inspire from their memory.

‘What will your legacy be?’ was a question that skimmed the surface of my mind after the London Olympics in 2012. Not so much, ‘What will we be remembered for?’ But, what will come as a result of what we’ve said, done and been? What will grow out of the seeds we sow in our lives, from the foundations we dig and the planting we labour in and invest our time and energy in now?

1 Corinthians 3:8