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I was greeted by the sight of this little addition to my garden when I came home from work the other day:

Deflated heart

A little deflated heart shape helium balloon had landed in my garden, nestled between the bay and minature mini pear tree.  I wondered whether there was anything I could learn from this.  “Do not become like this”/ “you are becoming like this if you’re not careful” was a thought – “do not let your heart deflate”.   In terms of bringing devotion to God.  Do not cease to sing praises to God, thankfulness to Him.  Don’t get so busy in doing so much, so many little bits here and there that you forget to pour out adoration to God, seeking and desiring Him.

My prayer journal is a similar colour to the heart- reflective bright pink.

Jazzy Journal

This lady knew about devotion to Jesus, regardless of the cost.  What is He calling us to, in order to give Him our praise and adoration, the firstfruits of our lives, the best bits, that our hearts would be like a full up helium balloon, rather than one sunken that has seen better days?

The title I have used here brings to mind a chorus we used to sing at Church many years ago [by Dave Bilbrough]:

Abba Father, let me be Yours and Yours alone.

May my will for ever be, ever more Your own.

Never let my heart grow cold, never let me go.

Abba Father let me be Yours and Yours alone.