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I saw this picture on facebook, from here .

I like it!  Find it quite helpful actually as an introvert myself.  Having done the Myers Briggs personality test when I was 18, I’ve found it reasurring to know that my inability to mingle; wall hugging at parties (as opposed to being in the centre interacting with everyone) is down not to being shy or odd, but simply being an ‘I’ which stands for introvert on that personality test.

But from the word as an outset, introversion sounds negative and not what it is really describing.  From this one, what I enjoyed was the mention that socialising is draining for us introverts, not because we don’t enjoy it but because we give of ourselves to those we meet and interact with.  Phew.  No wonder life can be so draining at times!  It’s good to have time to reflect and dwell.  And, just thinking, maybe lots of bloggers are introverts too?!?!?  Are you one?!