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Minutes became hours, frustration became exasperation (!), in churning out this bag just in time to see and give to my Mum on her birthday.  A lined double drawstring bag.  About a thousand times more complicated than an unlined one – or maybe that’s partly to do with the pattern I followed.  I need to make my stitching a bit neater.  I know a bad workman blames his tools, but maybe having a small arm on the sewing machine would help.  I kept having to unpick stitches, having sewn the bag together in unintended places.  Still, I’m pleased with the end result.  I had planned to use cord ties, but struggled fitting them through with the snug openings… Not so much the width but the way the openings worked.  Still, in return, my Mum gave me some bodkins, which will make the next ones easier to make 🙂 .

Double drawstring lined