I thought I’d posted this on Saturday.. But it must have got stuck somewhere somehow!

Ten minutes before I was due to leave today, I decided to press on an make a house warming present for a friend –  a tea towel.   Something I’ve been itching to do for a while.  Yes, it was probably a bad decision, as I ended up leaving twenty minutes after I’d planned to arrived.  But it was a conscious choice not to go empty handed.  I followed a simple tutorial instruction.  & Ended up with one I gave away – sorry no worthwhile photo to show!

Next time, I’ll try and remember to top stitch along the ‘right’ side of the fabric for a better finish.  & Am tempted to try mitred corners.  But I can’t quite figure them out and don’t want to waste a big load of material & realise I’ve sewn in the wrong place.  I’ve tried to practise on some fabric scraps, but because they’re so small I can’t tell if I’m doing it right or not.  I’m sure this and this are saying the same thing.  But can’t quite work out where to stitch…

I think I’ll leave this for another day!