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I’ve been getting into my bad old habits of saying ‘yes’ to things, forgetting I can say ‘no’; instigating things and not taking care of myself quite as much as I should do.  I came across a couple of articles people had posted on facebook recently.  On similar lines.  This one on play, and this one on being busy/ cramming in too much.  They both kind of resonate.

In the first one, I thought that for me, sometimes the danger of chilling out (and this is going to sound stupid), is that when I do, the creative juices flow and I come up with various ideas.  I sometimes don’t like getting new ideas, if I haven’t got time to do anything with them!  The trick seems to be to create enough space in life, to be able to have time for these ideas; linked with the ability to have them but not feel bound to do every single one!!  Especially not immediately.

And with the second article, I too have enjoyed ‘facebook fasts’ and often learnt unexpected things about myself or with my interaction with that site.  I think I’ve gone past (or am currently not in) the place of feeling I am missing out on something all the time – kind of wondering what friends / others are up to and why I’m not included!  Rather, feel content with who I am and what I’ve got going on.  And being kind to myself and allowing myself space and time to just chill out- might be on my own, but that is fine.  Particularly as an introvert, I need my alone time to re-energise and rest.

I’m looking forward to a quiet, chilled out weekend, on the whole.  Y’never know, I might even do a bit of crafty creations if I’m in the mood!