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Every so often, I realise that I’ve got a post sitting in my Drafts folder that I haven’t published.  Most of the time, if they end up in the Drafts folder, they never make it out of there!  Today I searched for a post but couldn’t find it.  It had disappeared.  So… Here’s something I was hoping to share a few weeks ago, but brain and phone/ laptop and posting didn’t quite compute!

I’m glad I didn’t end up buying the poppy seeds in the shop a few weeks beforehand, when I saw this pop up in my garden!  (I can tell it’s a few weeks ago now, because my bay tree (in the middle pot) is now looking a bit healthier, having produced loads more leaves and been pruned and stripped of the old frost-bitten ones.)



& Then some more poppies sprung up in my front window box too.  But earlier today, I was having a bit of a tidy up and pulling up the weeds, so out it came, after having flowered several times.