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So i’ve been nominated by my friend, and sewing ‘Sensei from afar’ Georgia, over at Georgia’s Geornal to participate in the ‘Around the World Blog Hop’, where creative types share something of their process and inspiration and work.  To do so, I’ll answer three questions:

1.  What am I working on?

I’m currently trying to make a tissue box cover, combing the general technique from this tissue box tutorial, with the same opening as the peg bag I made a few weeks ago, which I’ll mention later.

2. What got me started?

Last year I was given a sewing machine (from this lovely lady- you can see the website she shares with her husband).  Within less than a week, I was sewing up bunting triangles for a shared Church project with other ladies.  And I had a mind to make some more lavender bags, having made some with my Mum on her sewing machine with lavender from her garden the previous year.  In our first round, I remember Mum sewed on some ribbons as decoration.  This time, I decided I’d hand-stitch on a design.  I really enjoyed the arty side of it.  & Later my housemate and another friend suggested I used embroidery rings.  & I discovered I was actually embroidering.

I love bags & was first taught how to make one by Georgia when I was out in Japan.  Trying to think when that was – must be 12 years ago now!  I’ve since made more little tote bags, including some I’ve embroidered.

3.  What sparks my creativity?

It’s often presents for friends.  I might have an idea to make something and then set myself a little goal, depending on whose birthday is coming up and when.  Sometimes doing one little projects makes me think about a similar project.  For example, my latest sewing piece was this peg bag I gave to my friend Richard.

Evie Peg BagFrom that, I thought, “Maybe I could make a tissue box cover” based on the bag’s opening.  (So watch this space!)

Otherwise, sometimes nature itself inspires me – maybe from things I see in my garden, such as mini creatures and colour combinations.

Next up, I’d like to nominate my good friend and a local crafty teacher of mine.  She’s often very busy so not sure if she’ll find time to post.  But just in case or why not anyway, check her out at Barefoot Originals.