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I’ve finally made a bag for my friend, who I’m seeing tomorrow, who’s recently had a baby.

Bag for KatieFor the construction, I used a standard tote bag pattern (looking at this one and this one for reference).  But for the lining, I interspersed a method from this tea cosy tutorial which I have previously used but for some reason not written about.  The part I used was to do with the lining.

After cutting out my lining and outer pieces and sewing them separately right sides together across 3 sides, I did the following:

Turning the outer lining (which had been inside out) the right way out, I then turned the top over to the inside 1/4 inch and pressed.  With the lining, I left it inside out, folded the top over 1/4 inch to the outside and pressed.

Then I put the lining into the outer of the bag & matched up the top edges.  I placed my handles about 3 inches from the ends, pinned and then top stitched around, reinforcing the handles as I went.  I realised I’d topstitched a little too close tot he top and hadn’t ‘caught’ the lining piece, which then was starting to slip.  Rather than unpick, I just did a second line a bit further down for added strength and decoration.

I must say I’m rather pleased with it.  It’s not perfect, but should be good enough!  I like the pocket I stitched on the inside too – using fabric from the outer part.  I even tried to make it so that one part would fit an i phone in it for ease and convenience!

Pocket detail

Pocket detail