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Hoorah!  I’m pleased to have ‘nailed’ my latest project.  Literally, nailed, in this case!  As I have made a decorative cover for the boarded over window panel in my garden shed.  I sewed some pockets onto it, which neatly hold and store my seeds.  & Have nailed it into place with some upholstery nails. Decorative seed holder I’m glad to have finished this project.  Ever since I moved into my house (nearly four years ago), I thought it would be great to cover some chintzy fabric there to brighten up the shed).  Back then I didn’t have a sewing machine and had almost zero interest in my garden.  Things have changed a bit since then!  (Having said that, my interest in gardening still has a lot to be desired!)

I started making it earlier this week, on Easter Monday. & Did a few bits towards its completion during the week and hung it up after work today.

Then I enjoyed eating my first dinner outside in my garden, enjoying the greenery, and seeing a few of the remaining daffodils still in bloom.  It’s so lovely to be enjoying a warm spring this week.  Who knows what next week will hold.  The thing about Britain is the weather is so changeable, yet mild and temperate on the whole, and it’s a constant topic of conversation!