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That’s what I described this as not long after I gave this to a friend as we celebrated his birthday this weekend:

Tissue box Ha chewMy practice mock up one was made easily enough the week before.  But I rushed into this one a bit too fast – not stopping really from after I was pleased with one I’d quickly made earlier.  I did a few steps and had proceeded with the pattern, but soon realised I’d gone wrong.  I thought I’d just made one mistake which required some adjustment.  But a few days later, I realised I was in an even worse situation than I’d thought.  I hadn’t cut out the right amount of fabric.

After leaving it a few more days and getting flummoxed some more in how to fix it and even comprehend the pattern, several hours and various additions of fabric later, it was done.  I actually quite like the look of the side ‘panels’ to the box cover.

As I was unpicking unneeded stitches, I wondered whether there was a lesson in there somewhere.  If you mess something up in your life, even if it’s a small thing, it can have big repercussions.  Unintended consequences, maybe from some sin we have got entangled in.  Life can be messy.  Yet by God’s grace, He can renew us and transform us and use what has been broken and damaged, and turn it into something more beautiful perhaps, by His loving grace and kindness.  All is not lost.  We have hope, and we give thanks and glory to Him.