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I was pleased to finish this present in time before setting off on holiday & to give to my housemate for her upcoming birthday:


diary cover


Forever needing to check her notebook with her work schedule in it, I thought I’d get her a diary.  (An academic year one, running from July for what it’s worth!)  & Rather than any old pretty colour, decided to make a cover for it.

Thanks to my Sensei from afar who provided me a stash of pretty Japanese fabric some time ago, which I used; as well as expertise and gentle coaching as I got confused figuring out this pattern, minus the pocket on the sleeve.

It was an enjoyable task and quick once I got round to the actual sewing!  Next time I’d like to improve neatening out the corners.  Not sure exactly how I’d do it though, given all the layers and lining.  I did snip the corners before turning out, pressed and poked through with the end of a chopstick (appropriate, given the history of the fabric, I thought!), but my perfectionist eye feels it could be better.  Still another job done and satisfaction ensues.