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At Christmas time, I made a tea cosy for my Mum.  After we’d opened our presents on Christmas Day, after a few hours and someone commenting something later, my brother realised that I’d actually made the present I gave Mum.  He said I could make one for him for his birthday.

So, with that coming up rather soon, I took measurements for his teapot (sadly not as surreptitiously as could have been done).  This afternoon, I stocked up on wadding and again thought about an idea I’d had to use some Star Wars fabric – he’s a big fan.  I’d thought I could maybe use a pillow case, but couldn’t find any cheaply for sale online.  I was going past Toys R Us and stopped by.  Whilst their single bedding was quite pricey, I noticed some kids t shirts on sale.  I haven’t got any ‘before’ pictures of the t shirt.  But this is what I came up with.

Thanks to this blog….

Star Wars tacos

SW tea cosy2

I’m rather pleased, especially with the label unstitched from the t shirt, at the top.  Hope my brother will like it too!