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I haven’t done much sewing in a while.  (I think it stemmed from having an idea for something for work…. Realised that if I did it at home, I’d be thinking about work, and if I did it at work, I’d be ‘wasting’ precious time for other things and wouldn’t have my tools with me.  So I ended up not doing that and not doing a whole lot of other sewing either.  Hmm.  Plus then I started to question my technique for said project – a mini curtain to cover some grot in a room).

Anyhow, after my sewing machine had a trip to a lovely shop for its service, I used it today for the first time in months.  I’ve had a bit of a change around in a couple of my rooms and a couple of days ago, moved my TV from one room to another.  I used to cover it up with a blanket to a) hide the ugly colour, b) fool thieves from thinking I have a TV, haha.  Said blanket didn’t fit the colour scheme in the new room.  & Whilst I was rooting around for fabric for a present for my Mum for Christmas, found a perfect piece, lovely colour and perfect size to cover my TV.

I dislike the cutting out stage of any project, but this piece of scrap (picked up from a local recycling project a few years ago), was the perfect size so I just hemmed the bottom, sewed up the side seam, and pressed, sewed the top bit together (all inside out of course).  Then did a quick check for fit, tidied up the raw edges along the top and made the seam allowance (if that’s the right term) an inch or so wider along the side for a snug but not too tight fit.

Please see before and after.  What do you reckon? (From the photo it looks a bit like I’ve thrown a sheet over it, but hopefully the effect is a bit more subtle in ‘real life’!!)


TV cover

T minus one week to make some Christmas sewing presents – hummmm!