I’ve made a few zip cases in recent weeks.  I hope to post some pictures and perhaps instructions for a tutorial on here some point.  But meantime, here is my latest creation:

My Mum had asked if I could make her a smaller bag for her knitting, pointing out my Muji tote bag I’ve had for years.  So I used that as a rough guide.  But pulled out all the stops.  This one has it all-

Lovely Japanese fabric (from your stash you sent me, thanks Georgia) – the colour is more like the second picture than the first – a nice green; a lining (lining fabric given from a friend), with a pocket sewn in.  Plus a little loop and D hook onto which a zip case hooks on to.  I got the idea for this from a summery handbag I bought in Toulouse Airport in the summer.  Mum had also asked for a zip case to store her crochet hooks in, so I made one of those.  & Then combined both requests into a 2 in 1, by fixing the zip case inside the bag.  

I also tried adding in some magnets as fasteners at the top.  After looking in several shops and market stalls, the only ones I could get my hands on in time weren’t very strong and made for fiddly sewing, but the thought is there.  I also strengthened the outer fabric with some iron on stuff from a fabric shop that was having a closing down sale, on the street where I work. I got it at a bargain price, but as always, haven’t quite mastered the art of it.  Some of it didn’t seem to fix when I ironed it, and on other parts the fabric went a bit bumpy.  Next time I might try ironing over a damp tea towel (I tried a dry tea towel but that seemed ineffective).

I gave the bag to its new owner today, as a birthday present and she was pleased with it.  It now holds some knitting wool that my brother gave her for her birthday, so it’s already serving its purpose!