I was thinking the other day… There’s something about taking control.  Even when life is busy or stressful or there is a lot going on, it is important to be able to have some sense of control.  Maybe that’s why I enjoy sewing?  You can make something and complete a project.  Or running- I end up training for races and I can choose to train and dedicate myself to what is needed to get through the race and work towards the goal.

It can be harder when you feel not to be in control of a situation or/ as you cannot control other people and they do not act as you would like them to in an ideal world!  I guess this is when empowerment comes in.  Over the past few years I’ve been looking at boundaries and trying to improve boundary marking in my life.

But this is all preamble to say, what was on my mind was something I must have picked up from a Theology book I read years ago.  Can’t remember who first said it.  Probably Stanley Hauerwas quoted the person who wrote that when Jesus told people to, “Turn the other cheek” or, “go the extra mile” it is an empowering position.  When someone is under Roman rule and told, forced or made to do something, they are under that person’s control.  Yet when they choose to turn the other cheek or walk a mile extra, they are in control and choosing to do that.

So, if you feel a bit unstuck or not in control of a situation, don’t think about what’s holding you back.  Rather, think, what can I do here?  For me, when work gets crazy busy and stressful, I choose to take my lunch break and tell people where I’m going and when I’ll be back and sticking to my time frames; it means working flexi time and carving out time to go for a run or see friends for a coffee catch up/ sort me out chat before I head to the office; or simply getting to work on time so I don’t get overwhelmed with emails in the inbox and people coming in through the door.  It can also mean choosing to do that sewing project, to stick to that decision I’ve said yes to or no to, to keep up my fitness training plan.  Being confident in what you say and unwavering in what you do.  Can be easier said than done, but worth it.

A friend commented to me recently that someone had said I always remain calm at work, even when everything around is all chaotic.  Certainly what I aspire to, but sadly doesn’t happen all the time in practice.  But choosing to take control can lead to more peace and calm – good for me and those around!

& With that I bid you adieu for now.