Today I have refashioned and made some headbands. Unfashionable and reminiscent of a small child, I end up wearing headbands a fair bit. Either under my cycle helmet or to cover my ears when running, to get my hair out of my face when sewing, washing my face and occasionally walking, I quite like them!

When on a run yesterday, I realised I could bring my old black band into use if I sewed it together rather than getting annoyed with the broken velcro fastening. So sewing that was my first port of call.

Then I sewed up an old belt (bias binding) – the brown one to fit round my head.

Thirdly was a bit of left over scrap from making the bag for Mum last week (I’d made double the length for handles by mistake).  To that I snipped and stitched a small piece of elastic.

Then my final piece de resistance (albeit a bit scruffy in the final sewing bit) was the fabric I tend to tie round my hair when sewing. Another piece of scrap from this sewing project a while back. For this I used tips from this tutorial and covered the elastic band. It looks cool on (perhaps not reflected in picture below!).

If I were to do another, I’d use/ cut a wider piece of fabric. But for now, voila a successful afternoon and evening’s thrifty work.