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I’ve been slogging away at a project all weekend. So pleased to have finally finished. A kindle holder for a friend. I hope it fits (I googled dimensions before hand but allowed a little extra in case I had a repeat of my Dad’s Christmas present scenario- it being a bit small and having to start all over again.  Can be adjusted for i pads or what not too.)

So without further ado, ta-dah!


I found the tutorial I used for this on the Liberty blog.  However, it does not come recommended.  There appear to be some instructions missing between Steps 5 and 6.  So I added in zigzagging all the raw edges and eventually sewed the zip flush with the top edge of the fabric. (With thanks to this tutorial that I ended up cross referencing.)   But mine doesn’t look like the end result on the Liberty blog. So I’m not sure what they did that they didn’t mention! 

& Oh one other blog I cross referenced what this one my friend directed me to… This is the tutorial I don’t need to write for the zip cases I’ve been making over the past few weeks.  My friend got the instructions from here.  Recommended.  (If only they included pretty quilted wadding in their steps I would not have ventured further afield!)

However for future I think the quilted effect could work well for a wine bottle cooler perhaps – ideally with a drawstring closure.  I might see if I could get one of those space blankets made out of foil-like material that runners are sometimes given at the end of a marathon, and sew that into something like that or a lunch box.  So watch this space for developments.  The wine bottle cooler could work well as a present for friends who enjoy a bottle of wine on a picnic!  (I did quite enjoy my quilting debut, but I have much skill to master!!)

Adios for now. & Thanks for your help and reading!