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I had been planning my latest project for a while. Initially thinking this would do for a friend’s birthday in the summer, I recently decided I’d make it sooner, in time for Mothering Sunday. In Britain, that’s 6th March this year. It will be my friend’s first year celebrating it as a mother.

I made her this bag last year and wanted to make something to match. I plumped on another zip purse. Inspired by this product from a company I really like, I decided I could add a simple clutch handle! (& Looked up this similar product as I created it, with the strap on the opposite edge to the closed zip.)

The little bit of work I need to do is to strengthen the raw edges of the strap. I simply cut off the extra edging from the leftover piece of zip. But didn’t take my time over it. As is often the case, if you do things in a hurry, the slapdash approach catches you out later. I hope a small zigzag along the edges will neaten it out. I had tried tying on various ribbons instead but like the simplicity of the matching/ contrasting green. & I think it ties in well with the original bag’s handles. If my friend doesn’t like the strap it is easily removable.

Anyway, without further ado, here it is! :

I’m pleased with it. Night night.