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The weather has been milder this week in the UK – feels like summer is coming- temperatures are around 18 degrees C, so by no means hot.   But it means I’ve been able to eat some meals out in my garden and in fact I’m typing this sitting on my patio!  Lovely to enjoy the fresh air and see the greenery coming into new growth and blossom in the garden.

Unfortunately, despite the warmer weather, I managed to catch a cold and feel rather rotten earlier in the week.  With a sore throat and seeking soothing food, I fancied having some ice cream.  I’ve been getting into reading ‘raw’ or healthy food blogs lately – the likes of Deliciously Ella and Livia’s Kitchen to name a few.  They focus on cutting out refined sugar and eating whole, natural products.  So, rather than reaching for the tub of usual ice cream, and aware I had half an avocado in my fruit bowl, I had a search and stumbled upon this recipe.  Remarkably, I had all the ingredients (including a sliced frozen banana) and quickly blended up this ice cream- come -smoothie in minutes.

If I had more avocados, and time, I would have plumped for a recipe that requires you to put the mixture in the freezer which – with various extra ingredients, would result in a much thicker / creamier ice cream as opposed to the consistency created in this quick creation.  But it was good and felt wholesome and healthy to eat.  & As with all these healthy/ raw/ natural recipes, didn’t give any sluggishness or sugar high or slump afterwards.  – What more could you ask for?!