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Tonight I whipped up a couple of baby dribble bandanas – as upcoming presents for friends and relatives.  With a growing number of friends with little kiddlies, I can imagine making a few more of these if they are deemed a success.  Quick and easy, I followed this tutorial.  I first got the idea from one of my lovely friends who made some for her son and extras as presents.  Whilst she used poppers, I sewed on a bit of velcro – which is what the tutorial I used called for anyway.


I wish all my sewing projects were conjured up, done and dusted in a couple of hours. Still, I have plenty more little children I can think of that I can make some more for too.  But I’d better not try and do any more tonight.  A good way to use up fabric from old clothing (the reverse was from an old T shirt – which actually I was given in Ichikawa all those years ago, Georgia!).  So the reverse piece is from an item from 16 years ago, and the front of the darker one is from a T shirt I loved and was given as a child.  You can tell I’m a bit of a natural hoarder – but this is a nice way to use up some special pieces, and hopefully give them a new lease of life and create something memorable!