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So I’ve made a bag in time for my housemate’s birthday. I haven’t checked with her, but I’m pretty sure that it’s tomorrow (same as Independence Day in the US). *As I type this, she’s come home with a cake in hand that a friend gave her today, ready for tomorrow – that’s confirmation enough for me!*

I made a couple of items: one simple and one much more complicated to execute.

I followed an easy-to-follow tutorial and have ended up with this:

3 bags in one. Like an analogy of the Trinity. All of them are the same bag (one God) but 3 distinct styles / persons. Not Father, Son and Holy Spirit in this instance but, shoulder bag, bag with wrist strap and clutch.

Not the best analogy, many differences for sure. But I’m pleased with how it turned out, except that the straps seem to get in the way of the fold when you close it. But that’s not a prob when you use the (detachable) wrist strap or as a clutch.

I hope she likes it. If I were to make it again/ improve on its design, I would consider making the long strap detachable as well. As currently it takes up quite a bit of room within the bag when you use it as a simple clutch or with the wrist strap.

But I like its elegant shape and pretty pleats (albeit mine aren’t as well executed as the example in the tutorial, but hey ho). Thank you sewmamasew.