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I have been doing some knitting recently, but not much sewing.  I have made some ‘first anniversary’ presents for colleagues who joined the team at work last year.  This included a scarf and hat for one person’s children, and a personalised zip case for another.  Using the scraps of the latter, for some reason, I had in mind to make it into a bookmark for my Dad’s Christmas present.  & On Christmas Eve, after a day with family and catching up on some odd jobs, I have managed to make and finish it.  Here’s a sneak preview of what Dad will be opening tomorrow…










With wool used from an old sewing project to make a tassel & using fabric used on last year’s Christmas present to Dad, I’m pleased with the reversible bookmark.  Were I to do it again, I wouldn’t start sewing the top stitch in a random place down the (right hand) side, but would start off in a corner, to make it a bit more inconspicuous.  & If I had some thinner cord or thick embroidery style thread to hand, I would use that instead to make the tassel.  

Merry Christmas!  Have a restful and joyful time.