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I’ve finally finished – and framed in a clip frame – my latest piece of embroidery.

It’s been a while since I embroidered an image.  Years in fact.  I really enjoyed it.  I was inspired on a walk with some friends in the Cotswolds around the time of my birthday last year.  On our walk, we saw an amazing sunset.  & We returned to the friends’ art studio and I tried to paint the scene on canvas using acrylics.  I’m not very good with a paintbrush, and still haven’t quite finished the scene to my satisfaction.  But not long after coming home, I started embroidering the same scene!

For the foreground and background, I used the bottoms of an old pair of pyjamas, so the lace was already attached to the material.  I embroidered the tree and then started on the clouds.  Using embroidery thread and some Double Knitting wool.  It’s a bit slopshod but I like the 3D effect of the clouds and the lace for the foreground.

Here’s a photo I took of the scene itself:









So I you can see I don’t do it any justice in this piece of embroidery!  The colours were out of this world.  & As you can imagine, it was even more awe inspiring through the naked eye.  I was amazed by our creative Creator God – the colours were fleeting but spectacular.  An artist imitating creation can never really do it justice!  Well, speak for myself anyway 🙂 . Anyone else been making anything inspired by nature/ the outside world recently?