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I ended up making a cushion cover tonight.  An impromptu act, but something I’d been hoping to learn to make for some time.

It was approaching 7:30pm and, being the first day of British Summer Time this year, was still light outside.  So I felt more awake than I would usually at this time on a Sunday evening, and got out my latest crafty project.  Whilst I was cutting out some material, I realised the amount I had left over could be perfect for a cushion cover.  & That it would go well with the other item I was making (more on that later, I’m sure).

Armed with the knowledge from friends that, ‘it’s easy’.  & ‘Just fold it over’, I embarked on making my cushion cover.  I consulted some online tutorials, as per usual.  But rather than cut out various pieces of fabric, as suggested here, I did it all in one piece, referring to this one (envelope pillow cover is another name for it apparently), but making it up as I went along mostly.

It could be even quicker next time, but we’ll see.  Without further ado, here’s what my latest creation looks like: