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I enjoy sewing, haven’t done all that much recently.  But at various points in my life, I realise it has an excellent virtue. As well as being enjoyable and creative, it requires a fair amount of attention.  Tonight was one of those nights when I found it helpful to finish off a sewing project… Sometimes it helps to focus on sewing rather than thinking about boys!

I finished off a pair of pajama bottoms.  As in years ago, I used this tutorial.  Though I soon found I was kicking myself because, as I was making the pattern and cutting out, I remembered it wasn’t the best tutorial at all!!  I had bought 1metre of lovely fabric from a shop in Bristol.  

But given the width and the size of my pattern, I didn’t quite have enough fabric and so had to skimp around the crotch area.  As I only had 1metre, I didn’t have any extra length.  In fact, in order to try and make the most of the fabric to hand, I ended up with one leg with the pattern ‘upside down’.  I only remembered this as I’m typing it up.

So it wasn’t ideal.  I have made a pair successfully before, but sadly can’t quite remember how I did it!  (If only I’d noted down here how I’d tweaked it, as the pair for my friend turned out really well.)  I should probably try a different method to blindly following the above mentioned tutorial.  Currently the dimensions for the trousers are the same front and back, so no space for my bum.  They do fit but are a bit tight.  In fact, though I love the print and they are 100% cotton, I noticed that my current PJ bottoms are more of a jersey fabric – looser knit.  So I may have to start again.  – A trip to a fabric shop beckons perhaps.  Or potentially turn these into a daytime pair of trousers, given funky patterned cotton trousers being quite fashionable.  For example, I could do something to the bottom of the trouser leg- either gather or add in some elastic.  Hmm.  But it was good to somewhat ‘finish’ a project (as I had found myself half way through the tutorial steps for a few weeks), even though a fair bit of tweaking is involved so I can get to a point where I’ll end up wearing them!