Tonight, I made a kanzashi flower hairband!  The inspiration behind it is a bit of a long story which I won’t go into just yet.  But please see my finished article here:

The blue fabric was some that I picked up from a lovely young family from Church who moved away to prepare for missions work overseas.  It goes well with a big button from an old jacket, in my button box.  Here’s what my collection of items looked like when I started out tonight:You may notice on the table a completed hairband.  This is one I picked up on a long lost trip to Japan a few weeks ago.  I bought it in a lovely little shop in Sapporo Station, before I ventured out up into the cold for the amazing Yuki Matsuri (Snow festival).  Tell you what, the weather here in the UK this week is giving Hokkaido a run for its money!

During my trip to Japan, it was great to see many familiar faces, food stuffs and fashions.  But I also found other things which, though were there before, were new to me.  Such as white sesame tantan men (a kind of white sesame ramen – delicious) and these flower hairbands.  Which I later learnt are called ‘kanzashi’ flowers – and typically adorn ladies’ hair when they wear kimono.  Thanks to these two blogs, I made my own one tonight.  I look forward to wearing it!

Jya ne (bye for now) xx