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After my Japanese inspired hairband I made last night, I’m on a little roll.  At the same time as buying my kanzashi hairband in Sapporo, I also bought a present for a little friend. Which I later thought could be replicated by self cover buttons.  A few years ago, when I first got into sewing, I bought a packed of self-cover buttons, and promptly enjoyed covering them with some fabric I’d been using.  Since then, they have been left in my sewing box, abandoned and unused.  So, although I fully intended to get some more and cover with Japanese fabric, I thought I might as well use up the supplies I have initially!  So here goes…

First hairband and the original pack of self-cover buttons.

Then I got out the little present I’d bought in Japan and realised they used two embellishments rather than one.  So I got sewing again and came up with this! Wait for it…Here’s my dual one!  And a collection with my kanzashi hairbands.

I’d better go and get on with my day.  Have a good weekend!