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I’ve made another kanzashi flower hairband.  This time, using these nifty hairbands from Wilkos, it’s a birthday present for someone.  Idea is it goes over the whole head, rather than a ponytail.  I used the same tutorial as before.  Using smaller squares, 2 and a half inch square to be exact, I added the centre from a self-cover button with contrasting fabric.  You may recognise the fabric from previous projects I’ve written about.  I’ll likely have to adjust the length of the band (by measuring and sewing a new ‘join’) so it will fit the head of its recipient.  It’s a birthday present for the same little girl who I made this for previously.  I quite like using matching fabric for gifts when I can.  It gives some continuity.   Next time, I think I’d a) sew 8 petals rather than 6, so there is more even coverage of the flower; b) if I use the same sized button, I’d try using slightly bigger squares (maybe 3 inch) for better proportions.  I got these self-cover buttons from Dunelm (22mm, sold in a pack of 5).