I’ve made a matching reversible cafetière cover and trivet for my aunt’s upcoming birthday.

After my Mum dropped me some hints and told me the dimensions! Following on from the one I made last Christmas, I decided to try and make the most of the reversible qualities- something velcro doesn’t allow for.

Initially I had thought to use magnets on the flaps. But as I didn’t have any to hand, and couldn’t easily source any and wanting to get on with it, I decided to use ribbons. A great idea, but in retrospect, I didn’t need the big flaps at the ends (that previously I had attached velcro too). The way I’ve tied the ribbons on now it means the flaps don’t overlap and it’ll be too wide.

Hmm. I might take my travel sewing kit with me tomorrow in case I can make some last minute adjustments after I see it on the cafetière. But I’m pleased with it. Please see below. (Also I need to improve my quilting technique- I didn’t do any basting and the material started to scrunch up at one end when I sewed the horizontal lines. Thankfully not too noticeable given it will be round the back of the coffee pot.)

Bye for now.